Exploring CBD: What To Know When Deciding on CBD For Your Wellness Routine

Exploring CBD: What To Know When Deciding on CBD For Your Wellness Routine

CBD 101 - The Basics

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of 113 phytocannabinoids identified in cannabis. Studies, including one conducted by Harvard Medical School, show that CBD may provide very specific health benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg as more and more people are finding that CBD helps them to maintain balance throughout the entire body.

Despite these positives, there is still a stigma around CBD. We’re here to tell you, that CBD does not get you high and can be consumed in a variety of ways. 

Finding the right CBD oil

What CBD should I get? This is one of the most common questions we see today.

One of the most popular ways to take CBD is through a traditional oil that contains CBD. But before you spend your money, you need to know that all CBD is not created equal. Just because it says CBD on the bottle doesn’t mean you’re getting a high quality product or even one with much CBD in it at all.

So, dig deeper and make sure you start your wellness journey with a proper CBD oil that is sourced from high-quality genetics and processed properly in a GMP certified facility. There are only a handful of brands out there right now that actually sell proper, high-quality CBD oil. 

Here is a checklist to use when shopping for CBD oil:

  1. How much CBD per ml is in each serving/dropper? Anything with a very low amount of CBD per dropper could be useless as your body will actually not even absorb it. Make sure there is at least 8-10mg per ml as a base starting point. (Nano CBD is not included as it absorbs 2-3x better than traditional CBD oil.)
  2. Is there an expiry date? Most CBD oils are packed with a carrier oil like MCT oil or fractioned hempseed oil. Like most oils they can go bad, if there is no expiry date on the label it usually means the brand you are buying from doesn’t care about your health at the most basic level.
  3. Is it lab tested? Every reputable brand has their product lab tested and some even double lab tested. These results are usually available on their website or through customer service.
  4. Is it in a dark glass bottle? CBD oil is highly susceptible to degradation due to UV light. Potency will be extremely diminished if it’s in a clear bottle and exposed to UV light, which is any type of daylight or UV emitting bulbs.
  5. Is it Full spectrum or Broad Spectrum? Studies have concluded that CBD works best when in conjunction with the other plant materials during processing. This is known as "the entourage effect". Full spectrum oil uses this type of processing but contains a small trace amount of THC usually .03%. Broad spectrum CBD takes that another step further and eliminates the THC content but retains the entourage effect. Most cheaper oils use a low grade isolate CBD powder that is then mixed with a carrier oil and doesn’t have the same effect. A good Isolate can be great in many applications but for oils your safest bet is to go with a full spectrum or broad spectrum oil.


Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant…and they couldn’t be more different from each other. THC (tetracannabidol) is the ingredient in cannabis the gets you high and is solely responsible for the plants psychoactive properties. CBD (cannabidol) however is the powerful “health molecule” that binds with your endocannabinoid system to help regulate and restore certain functions in the body. THC is the molecule you are looking for when you are trying to obtain a recreational high, which can also have its own set of healing properties as well but that’s a trip for another day.

Modern Love Organics only focuses on the CBD, the one that doesn’t get you high and keeps you on an even keel. CBD has been studied and shown to be effective in promoting a wide variety of wellness benefits that range from issues with anxiety and insomnia to pain and certain skin conditions. While there are still many more benefits being discovered within the cannabis plant we are confident that CBD will be a daily inclusion in the bettering of one’s well being for a long long time.

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Your Endocannabinoid System

What is the Endocannabinoid system? The endogenous cannabinoid system—named for the plant that led to its discovery—is one of the most important physiologic systems involved in establishing and maintaining human health. Basically, your body has an entire system, much like the central nervous system that is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, to receive Cannabinoids…Cannabinoids like CBD. One of the most basic ways to look at this system is to visualize it as a bridge between the body and the mind. While there are still many studies being established and created right now, this system is potentially proving to be involved in the regulating of physiological and cognitive processes as well as various activities in the immune system, mood and memory, appetite, pain-sensation and of course, the pharmacological effects of cannabis. 

Without introducing any cannabinoids, your body doesn’t get to use this system, it remains cannabinoid deficient. There are still so many discoveries yet to happen with the various molecules in the cannabis plant and the fact that we have an entire system dedicated to receiving this stuff makes you wonder why our bodies have evolved to receive cannabinoids naturally.

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What is Nano CBD?

Modern Love’s Nano CBD Tincture starts with the purest CBD on the planet which is then put through our proprietary, nano-emulsification process to create something revolutionary.  This is all just a fancy way of saying we've found a way to make our individual CBD oil droplets incredibly small and much easier for your body to absorb. In fact, the average size of our CBD oil droplets in this nano-emulsified form is between 10-50x smaller than the size of traditional CBD oil droplets.  

How does Nano CBD work? Typically when you ingest CBD oil some of the nutrients and active ingredients are lost due to the digestive process since as these particles must pass through the liver, stomach and intestines.  This journey takes a lot of efficacy out of traditional CBD oils, but because our particle size is so much smaller, your body will absorb it much faster and will use the CBD oil much more efficiently. This is known as increased bioavailability and it’s a very, very, good thing. Ultimately, because of the superior absorption of our Nano into your system, you can use much less of it to achieve the same results as our competitor's traditional CBD oils and you will begin to feel the desired effects of our Nano CBD much faster. Not too shabby.