One fine day, a pair of documentary filmmakers decided to start a CBD company together and it has lead us down a path that merged art, science, transparency, and beauty in a way that the industry had been waiting for.

It all started while we were making two highly-acclaimed documentaries about the crazy world of coffee competitions (yes, you read that correctly). Every morning my business partner and I would add CBD to our coffee drinks, it would not only help us manage the stresses and anxiety of the fast-paced, deadline-driven world of film, but it would also fill us with a general sense of calm and well-being as we took on the day. When we began our morning CBD wellness routine, everything seemed much more manageable and when proverbial fires arose throughout the day, the flames were much easier to extinguish.

Our main goal when making documentaries is a search for answers… for full transparency… for truth. We thought, what if we applied these principals to making the finest CBD on earth and then shared the results of this search with the world. How amazing would be? How game-changing?

The CBD industry is shrouded in mystery, living in a space between over-hyped claims and a complete lack of substance and traceability. We knew that even amongst our closest friends and family, we had a lot of educating to do. While they had heard of CBD before, many in our social circle were very misinformed in thinking it would get them high (it wont) or leave them feeling groggy (it wont). They had seen an industry rooted in stoner culture, bottles clad with “420” logos or a marijuana leaf and accompanied by aggressive names like “Trainwreck” and “Great White Shark”.

We wanted to end all that and eradicate this stigma. More importantly, we wanted to create something approachable and enduring by looking at CBD through the lens of some of the finest things on earth - wine, fashion, and art. Finally, we wanted to make CBD products that people wouldn’t be ashamed to use in public or be embarrassed to talk about this new addition to their wellness routine with their coworkers.

True to our promise, we undertook the process of building a CBD brand in the same way we approached filmmaking: driven by passion and relentless research. It took over a year to formulate something that would live up to our exacting standards, but we succeeded in making CBD products that are truly unparalleled.

We’ve rethought CBD at every stage of the process. From the curated, organically grown hemp extracted without the use of harmful solvents to the high-end miron glass packaging used to keep out damaging light, to the fact that we double lab test our products for quality, purity and efficacy.

The final result of all this painstaking effort, lead us to the name Modern Love —quite simply, a new way to practice wellness and self-care… a modern way to truly love yourself.