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Nano CBD Tincture 250mg


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Modern Love’s flagship nano CBD tincture is unlike any CBD tincture on the market today. This finely engineered formula uses a unique, proprietary process to transform active ingredients into nano-sized droplets so that more CBD is quickly absorbed by the body. This delivers faster and more effective relief than traditional CBD oils.

Our Nano CBD Tincture has a slight hint of honey, great to enjoy with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. This product is formulated to be used throughout the day as needed.


Fastest Absorbing CBD product on the market 

Water Soluble

Cruelty Free 

Made in the USA

This product is to be considered 4 times the strength of a traditional oil. Our 250mg nano tincture is similar to a 1000mg standard dose tincture.

250mg per 30ml bottle (nano CBD is 4x strength of regular traditional Oil)

8.3mg per full dropper (1ml nano equivalent to 33mg of a standard tincture)

Dosing Guidelines: CBD's effects can vary greatly from person to person. Serving size can range from a full dropper per day (8.3mg) to two full droppers per day (16.6mg). The best way to start if you are unsure is to start small and move up carefully.

For the full benefits of CBD, the products should be consumed every day continuously for several weeks. 

Consult your doctor before use if you have been advised against eating grapefruit. Discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur. Do not use if tamper seal is broken.

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