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Is this the next big cbd brand?


We aim to push the boundaries of CBD wellness and create products that truly defy expectation. Transparency and trust are vital to who we are and what we do. Our products are double lab-tested and held to the highest industry standards. Our process begins with sourcing only the best ingredients, including organically grown hemp.
All of this effort is only the beginning.

As part of our responsibility we will break down the stigmas around CBD and share its benefits in a new light focused on arts, culture and wellness. We have made it our commitment to impact communities close to our heart and use our platforms to give a diverse range of artists a chance to be seen and heard. By re-investing in community arts & culture initiatives we help passionate creatives achieve their dreams by removing stresses in their daily lives.

Love Is The Answer.


“Yours is the Earth and everything in it” - Rudyard Kipling